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    Having a cigar bar at your wedding is a classy way to give many of your guests a fun and new experience that they may not have had a chance to try yet, and for those who have tried cigars before, it will likely be a welcome addition to the reception activities. If you are planning to have a cocktail hour, the addition of a cigar bar will greatly add to the atmosphere of celebration for your big day.

    Smoking cigars is often a leisurely pleasure, and many cigars take between thirty minutes and a full hour to smoke completely. To keep your guests entertained without drawing them away from the party for too long, keep the length of the cigars under 6 inches and the ring gauge between 46 and 52, according to Michael Herklots of Nat Sherman International, the world-renowned tobacconist.

    Proper drink pairings are a must with cigar bars, and the time of day may greatly affect the kinds of drinks you will provide. Coffee has long been a staple of drinks that pair well with cigars, and if you have an early afternoon reception, the traditional afternoon espresso with guests enjoyed throughout Latin America is a classic choice. Evening receptions are best for cocktails, and the strength of the cigar will dictate the kind of alcohol that tastes best with it. Dark, sweet spirits and cocktails that contain them, such as an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan, complement the rich flavors of bolder, stronger cigars, whereas mellower cigars pair best with wines or beers. You also have the option of hiring a personal tobacconist to guide guests through their choices of cigar and drink pairings.

    On the note of tobacconists, it is worth mentioning that many artisan cigar manufacturers have cigar rolling event services available for weddings; if you are particularly enthralled with cigar culture, it may complement your reception to hire a master cigar roller to give demonstrations and roll cigars on the spot for your guests as wedding favors and souvenirs. Your wedding reception will be incredibly unique and unforgettable with a cigar bar and a master cigar roller present to help your guests celebrate your new chapter in life!