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    Covadonga Cigars is a family owned business that prides itself on procuring some of the finest tobacco leaves available on the market today. Our handcrafted cigars are made domestically in the United States by master Cuban cigar rollers with nearly two decades of experience, and our high quality tobacco leaves are imported from the tropical climates of Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Honduras, among others, to create tobacco blends unique to the Covadonga brand of cigars. With our batches of tobacco leaves that put other cigar brands to shame, Covadonga Cigars produces roughly 20 to 30 thousand cigars per order of tobacco leaves, and we are first among the primary sources for wholesale cigars online.

    These leaves are grown in the nutrient-rich dark soils of the tropical climates of various Latin American countries that produce leaves similar to the famous flavor of Cuban tobacco leaves with more consistently high quality - improved farming and fermenting techniques set the bar for excellence in tobacco growing, and the mastery of rolling techniques only further demonstrates Covadonga Cigars' commitment to providing the finest in cigars.

    Our cigars are hand rolled with the utmost care and attention to quality, individually being put through the Drawmaster testing system to ensure that every cigar that bears the Covadonga name is rolled to the superior standards of quality for which our family strives. Any cigars that are not created up to our high standards are sent back to the rollers to be re-rolled.

    If you  are interested in purchasing wholesale premium cigars from us, please send us an email at covadongacigars@gmail.com, and be sure to give us your company name, a description of your business, your website information,  the name of who we should contact, your address, phone number, and email. Also, please attach a copy of your tobacco retailer’s license and state sales tax certificate.