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    Wholesale Cigar Distributor

    We pride ourselves on being a specialty, boutique cigar shop that manages a balance of variety, quality and price. If you are a retailer looking to purchase cigars wholesale, then we could be the partners for you. Not only do we have a great amount of experience and knowledge, but we also have a great range of products that are certain to impress your customers.

    Our Business

    As a business, we have been operating in the Tampa are for some time. Tampa is the home of cigar making in America, so of course it stands to reason here is the best place to conduct the construction and distribution of cigars. That being said, cigars are enjoyed by people all over the country and we want to be able to share our unique products with other like-minded individuals and retailers who appreciate quality when they see it. That is why we choose to sell our items wholesale as well as in our store.

    Our Products

    Our cigars are handmade using only the best tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras and Columbia. After the blend is sufficiently aged, each cigar is delicately hand-rolled by our experienced employees before being tested for its ability to draw. This process ensures that every single cigar we produce is sheer perfection.  We also have a wide variety of different types of cigar on offer – with different styles and ring gauges to suit everyone – so every smoker is taken care of. Check out our selection; from the aged and balanced flavor of the Cova Churchill to the robust draws of the Cova Bocado, we have a cigar for every occasion and taste.

    As a specialist cigar store who exclusively manufactures their own products, we can offer other retailers unique and individual varieties that will provide more diversity, guaranteed customer satisfaction and bespoke craftsmanship. Each of our cigars is constructed right here in Tampa so we have complete control and quality assurance. As a family-run business, we know the meaning of commitment and hard work – we want to work with other passionate retailers who are equally as dedicated to success. If you are interested, please contact us and let us know about your business so we can work together to find the best selection of cigars for you.