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    Covadonga Cigars is one of Tampa's most established cigar emporiums. If you're wondering where to buy cigar humidors, you've come to the right place! Here at Covadonga, where our cigars are 100% rolled by Cuban rollers, we showcase some of the best humidors on the market. There's no need to keep searching for where to buy cigar humidors because we have the best selection and the best prices for all things related to cigars and cigarillos.

    A Name You Can Trust

    Covadonga Cigars only stocks high-quality products to compliment our services like hand rolling cigar events and wedding cigar bars. Along with the answer to where to buy cigar humidors, Covadonga also offers fine quality ashtrays, cigar cutters, and other cigar and cigarillo accessories for sale.

    At Covadonga, our cigars and cigarillos are put through a rigorous test from the time they are grown as tobacco leaves in places like Nicaragua, all the way through to the end of the process when they are wrapped in the outer leaf. We expect nothing but the finest quality, so if you are still pondering where to buy cigar humidors, there's no need! Find the perfect accessory to your cigar here at Covadonga Cigars, where to buy cigar humidors.

    A History with Cuban Influence

    When trying to decide where to buy cigar humidors, there are a lot of options. But Tampa has been a cigar industry mainstay since the early 1800's, when Cuban, Spanish, and Sicilian immigrants came to the city to help roll cigars as part of the growing trade. Covadonga is established in Tampa as a premiere destination for where to buy cigar humidors. Enjoy beautiful, hand-crafted cigar humidors made with alligator skin, or a rich mahogany inlay. Your cigars deserve the best, and if you need to know where to buy cigar humidors, we have the answer! From unique display cases to convenient travel sets, we have cigar humidors for every enthusiast.

    Come by our showroom Monday-Thursday, 12PM-9PM; Fridays and Saturdays from 12PM-9:30PM; or on Sundays between 12PM and 5PM. Even if you are not local, don't worry - we can ship your humidors and cigars.

    We can't wait to help you find the best answer to tell your friends when they ask where to buy cigar humidors. The answer, of course, is Covadonga Cigars!