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    Weddings are the most important, and certainly the most lavish celebrations for a couple to share. However, planning activity after the ceremony can be difficult. Entertainment can include music, bartenders, live performance, and speakers from the wedding party. You may consider having a cigar bar at your reception. Many guests will enjoy this contemporary addition to your wedding bar. Follow these guidelines to make your wedding cigar bar exceptional:

    Plan ahead with the venue. Some reception halls do not allow smoking in their buildings. Consider this before you choose in indoor venue venue if including a cigar bar is important to you. Some venues will make an exception if they understand that the cigar bar is incorporated into your theme. You will also want to plan where the cigar bar will be located. You may want to have it in a more secluded area, in case some guests are sensitive to tobacco smoke.

    Buy all your supplies for guests. Provide an assortment of premium cigars for your guests, approximately one per guest. Not every attendee will want a cigar, but you will want to provide enough for those who would like to enjoy one at the end of the evening. You will also need cigar cutters, lighters (both torch and soft flame), and ashtrays. You can purchase these, or ask a cigar event service to provide them. Cigar event coordinators bring a variety of premium cigars which they can provide information and recommendations for, and will help guests cut and light their selections.

    Provide information for your guests. Not everyone will have smoked cigars before, or understand the value of a quality, hand rolled cigar. If possible you should hire a cigar rolling event coordinator. They will provide a tobacconist or professional cigar roller, who can educate your guests and help them cut and light the sticks for those who are smoking for the first time. You can also make a sign to place next to the bar, with details on the selection of cigars or how to cut and light them. You can make it personal by purchasing a customized sign to match your decor theme.

    Use custom cigar bands. Design your own cigar bands to match the decor. These are great mementos for guests, or can be used in a shadow box to create your own personal keepsake from the wedding. Include the names of the bride and groom and the date, and match the bands too the color theme and design of your table decorations. For creative inspiration, see Covadonga Cigars gallery of custom cigar bands.

    Pair with drinks and desserts. Many people like to enjoy their cigars with scotch or whiskey, or even a rich dessert at the end of an evening. Ask you reception bartender if they will offer guests cigars along with their drink of choice. You can set up a dessert bar next to the cigar bar, perhaps with fondue and fruit or small dessert samplings. Ask a tobacconist about flavor pairings too see what kinds of drinks and desserts would go well with the types of cigars you offer.

    Cigar rolling shows. The best way to entertain guests is to book a cigar rolling show. Covadonga will provide you with a professional cigar roller who will hand craft 50 cigars during the event, and a hostess to cut and light cigars for your guests. Cigar rolling shows will provide the evenings entertainment, as well as luxury for your attendees to enjoy and relax at the end of the event. Contact Covadonga Cigars to ask about our cigar rolling shows and pricing, or visit our Events page to learn more.