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    In addition to selling cigars in store and online, Covadonga Cigars is a licensed wholesaler of tobacco, as well. Although our handcrafted cigars are all made domestically right here in the the cigar capital of the United States, we import unique batches of the highest quality tobacco from growers in Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia to create our own distinctive blends - with which we produce nearly 20 to 30 thousand cigars per order.

    The tropical climate coupled with the dark, nutrient rich soils in which our tobacco leaves are grown, especially the soils in the mountainous regions of Nicaragua, are stunningly similar to the farming conditions present in Cuba and around the Caribbean. This combination of optimal soil and climate conditions allows our tobacco growers to produce some of the highest quality tobacco in the world that is comparable to the quality of Cuban tobacco leaves.

    The secret to creating great cigars begins with using only the finest tobacco, and our commitment to purchasing only the highest quality tobacco is particularly evident in the equally high quality of our cigars, which are handcrafted by master Cuban rollers who immigrated to the United States with nearly two decades of cigar rolling experience.

    If you are interested in purchasing high quality, fine wholesale tobacco from Covadonga Cigars, please send us an email at covadongacigars@gmail.com, and be sure to include a brief description of your business, your website name and URL, your company name, the name of your contact person, your address, a working phone number, and your email. Please also be sure to attach a copy of your tobacco retailer’s license and a state sales tax certificate.