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    Tobacco Shop Tampa

    Tampa as a city is intrinsically linked to cigar production and tobacco distribution. The reason for this is its very beginnings were fundamentally built upon this business; since then it has shaped the cultural and economic landscape entirely. Nowadays Tampa is still seen as an area of great worth when it comes to artisan smokers. Its climate makes it the idyllic place for tobacco to be stored and here at Covadonga Cigars, we have the passion and expert knowledge to continue the legacy of those who came before us.  

    Our Tobacco Products

    As a family-run business that has a connection with the area that goes back generations, we are committed to building our business on a reputation of quality. In our cigars, we only use the most premium tobacco – an expert combination of Nicaraguan, Honduran and Colombian leaves.  These are then hand-rolled in a variety of styles and sizes by skilled craftsman.  Individual, combination and variety packs are all available, as well as some great offers and promotions.  We take the same approach to our tobacco, ensuring it is only of the highest quality and is stored correctly at all times. If cigarillos are your preference then fear not, we also stock a number of elegantly flavored varieties, including vanilla, coffee, rum and chocolate – all of Dominican origin.   

    We also have many different types of accessories available – perfect if you want to treat yourself or others.  We have a range of artistically designed humidors in many different sizes, as well as stylish cases to store your cigars on the go. We also boast some beautifully made ashtrays that would add a touch of class to any smoking room, several types of cutter and numerous lighters constructed of quality material. In short if you are searching for any smoking accessories, then feel free to browse on our website or drop in to our store, located just 15 minutes from the airport in Tampa. One unique aspect of our business is the additionally availability of coffee. We even have our very own espresso blend to enjoy alongside your cigar – a classic pairing.