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    Premium Cigars Wholesale

    At Covadonga Cigars, we have a well-known reputation for being at the top of our game when it comes to quality and price.  When buying high-end cigars wholesale for your business, you want a balance of both – luckily Covadonga Cigars can provide them in equal measure.

    Why Choose Covadonga?

    Located in the heartland of American cigars, we respect and continue the heritage of creating items that go above and beyond expectations. How do we do this? Firstly, our cigars are all made using a superb blend of three tobaccos: Nicaraguan, Honduran and Columbian.  Aged to perfection, this blend is then professionally hand-rolled by our Cuban employees who have nearly two decades experience in this classic and celebrated technique. Finally, these precious items are placed into a Drawmaster, which guarantees their smokeability. In the rare occasion the draw is not quite perfect; the cigars are re-rolled and tested again. This attention to detail, combined with a promise to use only the highest quality ingredients, means that any and every cigar you get from us will leave you and your customers extremely satisfied and coming back for more.  

    Wholesale Advantages

    Our premium range means you are able to purchase the highest class of cigar, giving your customer true quality. By buying wholesale from us, we are able to offer you some incredible prices on multiple items without compromising on the quality we are famed for.  As a boutique cigar store, we can help improve the character and individuality of your business by having our unique products available for your customers all year round. We also readily provide detailed information about all of our cigars, so you and your employees will be able to give your customers expert advice and recommendations – that is if you’re not tempted to try the products yourself!  In terms of variety, we have numerous styles and sizes of cigars on offer, as well as cigarillos.  

    As a company, we are able to not only acquire an incredible quality of tobacco, but we also are able to produce up to 30 thousand cigars – right here in Tampa. If you’re looking for a provider that will never let you down on premium quality and price, then look no further. Covadonga is for you.