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    Thank you for your interest in Covadonga Cigars. Here at our cigar showroom in Tampa, you can find the best hand rolled cigarillos in the United States. Each of our cigars and cigarillos goes through an extreme quality control process. All of our hand rolled cigarillos and cigars are created by Cuban craftsmen who have years or even decades of experience with hand rolled cigarillos and cigars.

    Our unique blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Colombian tobacco leaves produce the perfect robust flavored cigar. You can find wholesale cigars or attend cigar rolling shows at our facility. Getting married? Why not give a special gift from our wedding cigar bar! You can find everything related to hand rolled cigarillos and cigars at Covadonga. We also have a huge range of accessories like leather folding cases for your cigars, high-end cutters, humidors, and more. Give the gift of a handcrafted ashtray to someone who appreciates the finer things in life; or take a box set of our hand rolled cigarillos and cigars to a friend or loved one as a special gift. Try a Cova Bocado or a Corona Gorda.  

    Why Covadonga? Our Hand Rolled Cigarillos and Cigars are Authentic

    Covadonga Cigars is a family-owned business in historic Ybor City, Florida. We were established in memory of my late grandmother, Sra. Maria Covadonga LLano who immigrated from Asturias, Spain to Cienfuegos, Cuba and was the founder of the famous seafood restaurant "Covadonga" in Cienfuegos Cuba. Our boutique cigar showroom is part of a long tradition of cigars and hand rolled cigarillos in Ybor, which can trace its cigar industry back to immigrants from Spain, Cuba, and Sicily.

    Visitors to Ybor City, as well as locals, can come to Covadonga and try our hand rolled cigarillos and cigars any time during regular business hours. Our Tampa cigar showroom is open Monday-Friday, from 12PM-9PM; Fridays and Saturdays from 12PM to 9:30PM; and Sundays from 12PM to 5PM.

    Our family is committed to providing customers with well-made hand rolled cigarillos and cigars, as well as an authentic Cuban cigar experience.