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    Welcome to Covadonga Cigars, located in the unique Ybor City neighborhood of beautiful Tampa, Florida! We specialize in handmade cigars and cigarillos. Our Cuban influence is clear in the way we create our handmade cigars and cigarillos, from the tobacco leaves we source to the very last step of applying the wrapper.

    Covadonga Cigars is The Home of Handmade Cigars in Tampa

    When you come to Covadonga Cigars to purchase your handmade cigars, whether you choose wholesale options or just one or two special handmade cigars, you are getting an authentic crafted cigar. Our cigar rollers are all of Cuban origin and roll our hand made cigars in the traditional fashion. Each handmade cigar is crafted by a Cuban with years of experience.

    Covadonga Cigars has roots in Cuba; our founder named the store after his grandmother, Sra. Maria Covadonga Llano. After emigrating from Asturias, Spain, she was the founder of the famous seafood restaurant "Covadonga" in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Family is part of the business at Covadonga Cigars in Ybor City, where deep roots to the cigar industry in Tampa date back to the early 1800's.

    At our cigar store, we can meet the needs of all cigar and cigarillo smokers. Whether you are in search of the perfect humidor or desire a finely crafted ashtray, you can find what you are looking for at Covadonga. We also have a variety of cigarillos and handmade cigars at wholesale prices, for the customer who is interested in buying bulk.

    We Use Only Quality Ingredients in Our Handmade Cigars

    Covadonga Cigars are made from tobacco sourced from Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Colombian tobacco leaves. Together, the flavors of these distinct regions combine to make a perfectly balanced hand made cigar. A first-time cigar smoker, as well as a practiced cigar enthusiast, will love what we have to offer at Covadonga Cigars.

    Concerned about quality if you can't see our hand made cigars in person? No worries! Before packaging and shipping, each Covadonga cigar is processed through our Drawmaster. On the slim chance that it does not meet our high standards, it is re-rolled. Your humidor is safe with us!