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    Tampa is known around the country as “Cigar City.”  So whether you’re in Tampa for a layover or an extended stay, what better way to spend some time than taking the opportunity to check out some of the local cigar shops? Even if your layover is relatively short and lasts for any more than 3 hours, it is easy to get to the vendors selling cigars near the Tampa Airport, and Covadonga Cigars has all of the quality that is to be expected of cigar lounges in the Cigar City.

    Located a short, 15 minute drive from the Tampa International Airport, Covadonga Cigars has everything you need to relax and enjoy a cigar, or to stock up on high quality tobacco. The family owned cigar company is dedicated to both curating and creating some of the highest quality cigars in the area, and the unique blend of Nicaraguan, Colombian, and Honduran tobacco leaves in their name-brand cigars has received rave reviews from cigar connoisseurs and novices alike.

    Covadonga's cigars are hand-rolled in-house by master rollers with decades of experience, and their deeply knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose one or several stogies perfectly suited to your tastes. Once you have made your cigar selections, stop in at a local coffee roaster to enjoy a cup of Cuban coffee with your picks, and listen to the Latin music floating around the neighborhood. If you have any questions about how to enjoy your stay in Tampa, please give us a call at 813-833-1398