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    Thank you for shopping with Covadonga Cigars, Tampa's premiere cigar showcase. We have over 50,000 cigars in our inventory - if you are seeking a cigar store Tampa style, come see what we have to offer! Covadonga Cigars has something for everyone. We offer products like humidors, lighters, ashtrays, and accessories for your cigars and cigarillos. Our cigar store, Tampa-based, is also home to a variety of services, like a wedding cigar bar, hand-rolled cigars, cigar rolling shows, a cigar lounge, and wholesale cigars.

    Our cigar store in Tampa is named after the founder's grandmother, Sra. Maria Covadonga Llano, a Spanish immigrant to Cuba and restaurant owner in the Cuban city of Cienfuegos. Her restaurant? Covadonga. Today, Covadonga Cigars is a locally family owned cigar store in Tampa, located in the heart of Ybor City.

    We are more than your cigar store in Tampa; we are a cigar boutique specializing in meeting the needs of cigar smokers.

    Why Covadonga?

    The premiere Cigar store Tampa has to offer, Covadonga Cigars, is a destination for travelers visiting the Tampa Bay area. We offer a unique blend that includes Nicaraguan tobacco. This special tobacco is grown in dark nutrient-filled soil. It is the closest you can get to an authentic "Cuban cigar" Why? Because Nicaragua is home to mountains, and quite close to the Caribbean. Together, these are the optimum tobacco farming conditions. We also have blends of Honduran and Colombian tobacco - something for everyone at our cigar store in Tampa.

    Our cigar leaves must be inspected and approved by our cigar rollers, who have all migrated to Tampa from Cuba. Authenticity is a must at our cigar store in Tampa. Once each and every Covadonga Cigar is processed, the wrapper is applied. If it is not perfect, it is rerolled! Our high standards ensure that when you buy from our cigar store in Tampa, you will have a great and authentic Cuban cigar smoking experience.  

    Our cigar store in Tampa is open Monday through Thursday from 12PM to 9PM, Fridays and Saturdays from 12PM-9:30PM, and on Sundays from 12PM-5PM. We are located at 3302 W. Cypress St. Suite 107, in Tampa, Florida. Come see us and find out what an authentic cigar store Tampa experience is all about!