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    Cigar Shop Tampa

    Conveniently located just 15 minutes’ drive from both Ybor City and Tampa International Airport is Covadonga Cigars; the last word when it comes to quality and value for all cigar devotees out there.

    Family-owned and passionate about our products, we pride ourselves on always having the utmost professionalism and knowledge. As a cigar shop, we see ourselves as on the more boutique end of the scale. This means every purchase you make from us will have passed our stringent quality assurance tests every single step of the way – and it really shows in our products. Everyone, from aficionado to beginner, local to tourist, is welcome to stop by and get a real taste of what cigars mean to us.

    Why Tampa?

    Tampa has a rich history when it comes to cigars, with its climate and location providing the ideal working conditions for tobacco all those years ago – thankfully not much has changed on this front! Vincent Ybor, the famed Spanish entrepreneur, saw promise in this area when he invested here to make it the premier cigar production location in the world, and we proudly want to continue this tradition and keep this heritage alive.

    Covadonga Cigars

    Here at Covadonga, we have a wealth of options for any smoker to choose from.  Using exceptional blends of Nicaraguan, Honduran and Colombian tobacco, our cigars are delicately and professionally hand rolled by our employees who have a wealth of experience. Each cigar is rolled in the traditional Cuban manner, and then double-checked by a Drawmaster machine to ensure each one has the perfect draw.

    We have an extensive collection of cigars available to suit all tastes, with an abundance of sizes and styles; from Havana Classic Robustos to Torpedo Grandes to Cova Churchills – any cigar lover will be spoiled for choice.  We sell each item individually, in sample boxes or in variety bundles. This means that if you fancy sampling a new type of cigar you can do so with ease. So whether you are new to the game or a veteran who wants to try the best Tampa has to offer, come see us and we will be more than happy to pass on our knowledge, advice, and  of course our wonderful cigars.