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    In the tradition of the cigar manufacturers that built Ybor City and gave it its fame, we at Covadonga Cigars are dedicated to giving you the best in quality and customer experience. Our cigar boutique is the perfect place for both the novice and the aficionado to find the best smoke for you, and, in addition to the cigars themselves, we stock everything you will need to start and maintain your cigar collection as well as other smoking needs.


    Humidors are a necessary addition to any smoking lounge, as they are integral to properly preserving your cigars before you smoke them. Humidors are built with two major functions in mind: to repel tobacco beetles and prevent them from laying eggs, and to keep your cigars in an environment with a suitable humidity level that will keep them from drying out or becoming too wet to light. A range of several humidors and display cases are available at Covadonga Cigars.


    Several accessories are often generally considered necessary to have proper technique when smoking a cigar; the most important of these are a suitable lighter and a cigar cutter. Most regular lighters used kerosene-based fuels that negatively affect the flavor of a cigar when lighting them, whereas cigar lighters generally use butane-based fuel. Cigar lighters are also designed to have a much larger flame, making it easier to light cigars without putting them directly into the flame (which also negatively affects the flavor of the draw). A cigar cutter is required to cut off the head of the cigar without tearing the wrapper and filler leaves; using your teeth to bite the head off, or using scissors or a knife, will ruin the structure of the cigar, and the shape of the cigar has a distinct effect on the flavor of the draw and the overall smoking experience. Covadonga carries several high-end cigar lighters and a range of single- and double-blade guillotine and v-cut cigar cutters to serve every cigar smoker's needs.


    In addition to accessories that are directly related to cigars, we Covadonga Cigars know that pairing cigars with coffee is a tradition long practiced by aficionados, and as such, we carry our own unique blend of espresso, roasted in small batches to ensure a robust flavor that will remain largely unchanged from cup to cup. Both coffee and tobacco are deeply affected by the earth in which they are grown, and their flavors often overlap and complement each other beautifully. We also stock Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Makers, which are available in 1 cup, 3 cup, and 6 cup sizes.