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    Covadonga Cigars Catering TampaPlan your evening of luxury with a cigar rolling event. Very few people have the chance to watch a torcedor, or understand the fine craftsmanship that goes into making a hand rolled cigar. But the practice of rolling Cuban cigars is incredible to watch. Practiced for hundreds of years, cigar rolling is a highly refined process that is practiced in very few areas of the country. For your next event, whether it be a wedding, business event, wine tasting, or graduation, choose a professional cigar roller to hand roll cigars for your attendees.

    Plan ahead of time to book a cigar roller for your event. Covadonga Cigars specializes in cigar rolling shows, and our professional teams are usually scheduled well in advance. Our torcedors were trained in Cuba, where the highest quality cigars are made. Cuban cigars are the highest of quality because of the level of quality that is expected from every factory or cigar shop. It’s part of the culture to smoke only the best cigars, and Cuban torcedors dedicate their time too making rich and flavorful cigars for their customers.

    Cigar rolling is perfect for weddings and bachelor parties. You can include cigars in your reception bar along with wine tasting, or a liquor of choice. Guests and members of the bridal party can wind down at the end of the evening with a premium cigar and glass of scotch or whiskey. You will want to cater your wedding cigar bar rather than having a self-serve bar, so that a host or hostess can help guests cut and light their cigars, and will help guests pair their cigar with complimentary drinks.

    Wine tastings are also a great venue for cigar rolling. Nothing goes better with a fine wine than the rich flavor of tobacco. Alcohol and tobacco are considered some of the finest luxuries to enjoy, so pairing them together for a business event or celebration will enhance the ambiance of splendor for you and the event attendees. Flavor pairings can be difficult for the novice to distinguish, which is why a cigar rolling station adds value to your event. They can recommend cigars to go with types of wine, and educate guests on the value of different types of cigar brands.

    Consider cigar rolling before you plan your event venue. Some places do not allow smoking indoors, so you may want an outdoor area for your cigar bar. Plan to have the bar close to an area where guests can have drinks, or desserts to enjoy while they smoke. You should also have some basic information provided to guests, such as the types of cigars at the bar, and the proper way to cut and light a cigar for those who have never smoked. Prepare lighters, cutters, and multiple ashtrays for guests to use at the bar.

    Covadonga Cigars offers cigar rolling shows for your next event or celebration. Our cigar rolling event service includes a cigar roller to hand make 50 premium cigars, as well as a hostess to assist guest with lighting and cutting. Please contact us for pricing or visit our Events page to book your cigar rolling event coordinators today.