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    If you are looking for a relaxing and comfortable cigar lounge in Tampa, Florida, look no further than the quality cigar rollers and curators of Covadonga Cigars, located just 15 minutes from the Tampa International Airport. Whether you are new to the world of cigars and are looking for a place to try different tobacco blends with knowledgeable staff, or if you are an old hand and simply need a quiet place to enjoy your favorite smoke, the Covadonga cigar lounge is the perfect spot.

    The selection of cigars from which to choose at Covadonga is as extensive as it is varied, with a large number of figurado cigars in addition to the classic parejo cigars. All of our cigars are made by master Cuban rollers, and each and every single one of our cigars are put through a Drawmaster machine to test for quality; if any of them fail the Drawmaster test, they are sent back to the masters to be re-rolled up to standard. Covadonga uses its own unique blend of Nicaraguan, Colombian, and Honduran tobacco leaves that are aged to perfection, and cigar connoisseurs and novices alike can agree on the superior flavors of all of our smokes.

    After choosing the perfect cigar to enjoy from our huge, hand-rolled selection, settle into one of our lounge chairs with a classic cocktail or a Cuban coffee to compliment your smoke. A mojito and a maduro cigar is a classic afternoon combination, and cafe con leche compliments milder tobacco blends with lighter flavors. A favorite among both locals and international visitors, the Covadonga Cigar Lounge is a perfect place to wile away an afternoon with a fine cigar and a strong coffee or a stiff drink in the heart of Cigar City.