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    There is far more to smoking a cigar than merely smoking it. There is an element of technique and ritual to cigar smoking that is steeped in the long history of dried tobacco leaves used for personal enjoyment, and there are several accessories necessary to fulfill these smoking rituals and to have proper technique. Listed here are 5 cigar accessories every smoker needs to enjoy their stogies to the fullest.

    Cigar Cutter

    Perhaps the most important of the array of cigar accessories, the cigar cutter far outstrips the cuts a knife or your teeth will make (note: do not use your teeth to cut your cigar, and use a knife only in the direst of circumstances). Cigar cutter blades will smoothly clip off the head of the cigar without damaging or fraying the wrapper leaves. Not all cigar cutters make the same cuts, either; guillotine-style cutters will completely sever the head of the cigar, while a punch-style will, as the name suggests, punch a small, clean hole into the head of the cigar through which the smoke will pass through. Try smoking your favorite cigar with each style of cut to determine how concentrated you want the flavor to be.

    Cigar Lighter

    Having a cigar lighter to use instead of a regular cigarette lighter is imperative to properly lighting a cigar, as their flames are larger and their fuel burns cleanlier, leaving less of a residue in the flavor of the smoke. Cigar lighters are also much easier to keep a live flame going than cigarette lighters, making it far easier to toast the end of the cigar prior to lighting it - an essential step to correctly smoke a cigar.

    Cigar Ashtray

    While any ashtray is better than allowing your ash to fall into the floor and be absorbed into cracks in floorboards or carpeting, a cigar ashtray is a much more sophisticated way to keep your smoking lounge clean. A cigar ashtray will have deeper wells along the sides than a normal ashtray so that it can hold your cigar without pinching the wrapper leaves or tipping it downwards into old ash as it is still burning. Cigar ashtrays also tend to be deeper than normal ashtrays so that they can catch the extra ash from the larger cigar.

    Cigar Case

    It is unlikely that you will smoke every single cigar you own in your own smoking lounge, particularly if you have other friends who also enjoy the occasional stogie. Be prepared for travel to take cigars with you wherever you go with a cigar case. Most cigar cases are specifically shaped and designed to protect your cigars from being damaged in pockets or bags, preventing tearing, bending, and wrapper loosening while in transit.

    Odor Eliminator

    The stale smell of smoke and old ash eventually catch up with most smoking areas, and not everyone can just get over it. Luckily, there are fine deodorant powders you can put in your ashtray directly after smoking and air sprays that will quickly and efficiently eliminate odors - and your nose will thank you for using them.