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    The more you love cigars, the more likely you will be to have a dedicated smoking area for enjoying them. If you are fortunate enough to have your own smoking lounge, here are 5 accessories every cigar room needs.


    A humidor is perhaps the most absolute essential for any cigar smoker worth their salt. Without a humidor, cigars will either dry out completely or become too wet to smoke, depending on the humidity of the environment in which they sit. Cigars that are kept outside of a good quality humidor are also susceptible to tobacco weevils, which will lay eggs inside of cigars and ruin them completely. A good humidor will be lined with cedar to protect against tobacco weevils, as it acts as a natural repellent, and will have a mechanism to control the humidity within itself. Humidors come in countless shapes and sizes, from small boxes that can sit on coffee tables to huge cabinets that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, so they are a must for any cigar room.


    Often found within a humidor, humidifiers control the humidity levels of the environment in which a cigar is kept. The ideal humidity to preserve and keep a cigar is 70%. Traditional humidifiers are sponges held within containers that are soaked in distilled (never tap) water or specific humidifier solutions regularly, though there are new types of humidification systems available today, as well, including gel humidifiers and electronic humidifiers that combine both the sponge and the gel for maximum humidity control. The ideal humidity to preserve and keep a cigar is 70%.


    Also usually found within a humidor, a hygrometer is a necessary tool to use in tandem with a humidifier, as it will gauge the humidity levels within the humidor at any given moment. Having an accurate measure of the moisture of the air in the humidor is crucial to knowing when to refill the humidification system being used within it.

    Cigar Ashtray

    Assuming that you are smoking in your cigar room, a cigar ashtray is necessary to keep your ash from turning your smoking lounge into an ashy mess. A cigar ashtray has a deeper well than a normal-sized ashtray to account for the extra ash from cigars (as they are generally much larger than cigarettes) as well as wider notches along the sides to hold cigars that will not pinch them or tip them downwards.

    Odor Eliminator

    The final accessory every cigar room needs is some form of an odor eliminator, as the smell of old, stale smoke and ash are quite unpleasant, even to those who love the smell of cigar smoke. In addition to making sure that you have proper ventilation, invest in some form of odor eliminator for your smoking lounge, whether it is a freshening spray specially designed to eliminate smoke odors, or fine deodorant powders for sprinkling into ashtrays.