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    Cigar Lighters

    Finding a cigar lighter that works best for you can be a little tricky. Not only that but lighters can require a bit of maintenance in themselves when it’s all said and done. Once you’ve found one that you’re confident will stand the test of time and stogies for you, you’ll need to brush up on your lighter maintenance habits.

    For starters, when you’re refilling a chamber, be sure you bleed it free of any excess fluid. This will prevent any air bubbles from accumulating in the chamber. Another common problem is the jets getting clogged. This will be apparent when you’re lighter isn’t catching properly. If this happens, try blowing in the jets to clear it out of all excess debris.

    This being said, when you’re lighting your cigars it’s important to keep the flame far enough away from the actual cigar to avoid the ashes from falling into the jet and thus clogging it. Holding the flame too close to the cigar is a bad habit and keeping it far enough away will save you time and energy when it comes to having to clean out your jet not to mention avoiding burning yourself.

    The most important tip however is to purchase high quality butane. The best will burn at a nice and clean rate and help to keep your jets working as they should be. There is no true advantage of buying cheaper butane because in what it lacks in price it will also lack in quality therefore, you will be running the risk of damaging your lighter. It’s typically safe to stick with butane that has been refined three or more times. Anything lower and you’re treading in dangerous territory.

    For the most part, much of keeping your cigar lighter in good working order has far more to do with the way in which you use it and less in the actual maintenance of it. If you’re following the typical protocol of using it properly as well as keeping it clean as you go, you should run into minimal problems. A lot of cigar lighters life spans have to do with how you treat them. The better quality treatment and cleaning you put into them, the longer life span you’ll get out of them. As long as you’re keeping up with your cigar lighter you shouldn’t have to invest in a new one very often which proves to be fiscally advantageous.