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    Cigar Humidors

    When it comes to smoking cigars the cigar humidor is arguably one of the most important purchases you’ll be making. This is your safe haven. The humidor is a treasure chest in itself I you will, and holds all of your stogies close to its heart. Due to this, it’s important that you understand bargain hunting for one may not be in your best interest. If this is a pastime that you regularly enjoy then it's well worth it to invest in one that will stand the test of time.

    This being said, you should also know that while many if not most cigar humidors are made of wood, not all of them are and that doesn’t mean that they will function any differently than a traditionally styled one. When shopping for a humidor it’s important that you be sure all functions are able to be adjusted properly for your cigars and keep the entirely contraption in good working order.

    Should you neglect to moderate and clean your humidor regularly, your cigars could be ruined permanently and depending on how large a collection you have, you could be throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain and your hopes of relaxing each afternoon with a nice stogie will promptly go up in smoke (pun intended). This being said, it’s also important to shop for style as well.

    As much as I’m sure you wouldn’t like to admit that the superficial look of your humidor is something you consciously think about, it’s important when it comes to the longevity of your humidor. If you invest in something you love you’re more inclined to keep up with it and be sure that everything is functioning properly whereas if you forgo the physical look of it you may be more likely to neglect the intricacies of how it looks and how well or often you clean it. What’s the point in purchasing something you don’t love?

    Besides all of this, you’ll also want to be sure to avoid using tap water in your humidor. While depending on where you are it might be perfectly fine to drink, you will want to avoid using it for your humidor. The germs and bacteria will be a death sentence for your new humidor and while you may think it’s harmless at first, over time the results will show. You will run the risk of accumulating mold even in your humidor is at the correct setting which is the opposite of what you want.