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    Cigar Cutters

    When it comes to cigars one of the first things you should think of is cigar cutters. Not only are they a necessity when it comes to enjoying a robust cigar, but also can become collectors’ items as well. One of the many misconceptions when it comes to cigar cutters is that once they’re dull that’s the end of their life span.

    Instead of jumping to conclusions and tossing it right off the bat, instead first try to clean it with a cotton swab that’s been dampened with rubbing alcohol. This will help to get all of the oils and debris that has accumulated throughout your usage of it off before you attempt to sharpen the blade. Once you’ve cleaned a sufficient amount, it’s time to sharpen. You can try out either a stone polishing burr or a diamond rod file for this endeavor and sharpen until you’re able to once again make clean precise cuts through your stogies.

    When it comes to cigar cutters it’s well worth the investment in a decent one instead of relying on the cheaper versions, especially if this is a pass time in which you take much indulgence. If you’re constantly trying to make your cheaper cigar cutters last before finally getting a new one you may want to think about taking the time to get one that won’t deplete after a few uses.

    When it comes to smoking cigars, you want a clean first cut so that you can enjoy as much of the stogie as possible as well as avoiding all of the debris that can scatter when attempting to cut a cigar with a dulled or severely dirty blade. How you cut will change the character of your cigar so it’s important that you find a way that is appealing to you and capitalize on that discovery. There’s truly no right or wrong way to cut them, it’s all about you and the way your pallet and personality matches with each cigar you’re enjoying. Find the way that works for you and invest in a cigar cutter that can get you there.

    This being said, while you always want to optimize each cigar, it’s also not a bad idea to go out on a limb every once in a while and try out a new cut. Exploring your options could open you up to experiencing stogies in ways you never thought of, don’t be scared to explore the possibilities.