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    Current Promotions

    Covadonga Cigars believes in pairing the perfect cigar, the perfect cigarillo, the perfect coffee, and the perfect accessories with each client. As a result, we believe in offering promotions for our clients to try something new, something different, and most importantly, something we believe they’ll love.

    Our passion for meeting our customer’s needs started with my grandmother, Sra. Maria Covadonga Llano who immigrated from Asturias, Spain to Cienfuegos, Cuba and for whom Covadonga Cigars is named. Her attention to detail and local family-owned business mentality has found it’s way to the heart of Ybor City Tampa, Florida where Covadonga Cigars is located even today.

    Whatever promotion we’re running, you can rest assured that each cigar and cigarillo you receive from Covadonga has met the strictest of quality standards. We use a blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Colombian tobacco leaves in all of tobacco products that create a unique, robust experience only found in Covadonga Cigars. Our Nicaraguan tobacco leaves are quite similar to Cuban tobacco, as the climate, soil conditions, and proximity to the Caribbean are all comparable to the conditions under which Cuban tobacco is grown and farmed.

    Covadonga Cigars is a part of more than 200 years of tobacco industry legacy with its home in Ybor City Tampa, Florida. In the early 1800s, Spanish, Cuban, and Sicilian craftsmen came to Ybor City in order to practice their craft in the newly booming cigar factories here. The Cuban craftsmen who work with Covadonga Cigars have over 17 years of hand rolling experience and no cigar or cigarillo leaves our premises without meeting their approval. After going through our Drawmaster, if one of our products isn’t up to scratch, we re-roll. Every time.

    Have a look at the promotions we’re running today and take advantage of trying the highest quality product at a reduced price!