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    Covadonga Cigars knows that coffee and cigars were made to go together. As such, Covadonga introduces its signature espresso blend, along with the ultimate in coffee culture accessories.

    Our Covadonga Coffee Espresso Blend is made of 100% superior grade Arabica beans. Available in 12 oz (340g) sizes, we roast in small batches in order to assure that each cup tastes as robust as the last. Utilizing the same methodology that we apply to our tobacco products, our coffee blends come together in your home to create an enticing aroma and taste that will start your day the right way. If you’re passionate about our cigars, just wait until you try our coffee.

    While great coffee starts with a great blend, by no means does it stop there. Have a look at our Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Makers available in 1 cup, 3 cup, and 6 cup sizes. In addition to being a beautiful addition to any kitchen, these authentically Italian made stovetop charmers are sure to leave that old coffee pot gathering dust in the corner. Don’t be fooled by Asian-made replicas! Manufactured to Italian and European Standards and equipped with a safety valve, this high quality stainless steel espresso maker has no match.

    And for a truly authentic experience, pair your favorite Covadonga cigar with a cup of Traditional Cuban Coffee prepared in our Traditional Cuban Coffee Maker. With a wooden stand hand crafted by our Cuban artisans right here in our Tampa, Florida center, you’ll never look at pour overs the same way again. The process is simple: add grounds to the to the white sock and then slowly pour hot water over the grounds. Let the coffee drip into the provided porcelain cup and enjoy with one of Covadonga’s robust cigars at your leisure. Our Traditional Cuban Coffee Maker is available in both a small and medium size.

    Flavors in cigars and coffee often overlap - providing a brilliantly complementary experience as long as the pairing does not clash. Be sure to pair more mild cigars with a sweeter, fruitier coffee. And if your smoking preferences lead you to a peppery, medium-bodied cigar, be sure to find a robust, nutty, or cocoa-based coffee that will stand up to the wrapper and the tobacco blend.