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    Covadonga cigars are handcrafted with Cuban expertise right here in the U.S.A. to make every smoking experience an event to be savored.

    We are a cigar boutique, crafting cigars in a variety of sizes with a plethora of ring gauges to choose from and a specialization in meeting the unique needs of each cigar smoker.

    Using the highest quality tobacco, a unique blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Colombian leaves, each Covadonga cigar is hand rolled by Cuban craftsmen with over 17 years of meticulous rolling experience. From novice smokers to well-seasoned cigar connoisseurs, our cigars burn with our signature, perfectly balanced, robust flavor.

    Named after my grandmother, Sra. Maria Covadonga LLano, Covadonga Cigars is a family-owned cigar business located in Ybor City Tampa, Florida. You can trust our quality. It’s been handed down from my grandmother’s beginnings in Asturias, Spain through her immigration to Cienfuegos, Cuba and has made it’s way to a happy home here in the heart of American cigar country. Ybor City has hosted some of the most influential cigar craftsmen since the early 1800s as Spanish, Cuban, and Sicilian industry names came to work in the cigar factories. We’re a proud part of over 200 years of fine tobacco legacy.

    We are passionate about our cigars and as such are committed to a well-tailored manufacturing process that assures the strictest of quality control standards at a reasonable price.

    Our Nicaraguan tobacco is grown in dark, nutrient-rich soil that is extremely similar to the conditions under which Cuban tobacco is grown. The mountainous region, close in proximity to the Caribbean, provides a climate and environment suited to optimal tobacco farming conditions. Our aging and fermentation process is carefully monitored so that our cigar leaves are of a consistent exceptional quality.

    Before packaging and shipping, each Covadonga cigar is processed through our Drawmaster and re-rolled on the rare occasion that it does not meet our high standards. Only the best make it into your smoking lounge.

    Have a look through our extensive collection of single cigars or browse our sampler and gift packages. From Cova Bocados to Havana Classic Churchills to Cova Figurados, we have a cigar suited just for your tastes.