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    Covadonga cigarillos are crafted with the same strict quality standards, Cuban expertise, and care as our cigars.

    All of our cigarillos come in a beautiful tin container, sealed to optimize freshness. Each package contains 10 hand-rolled cigarillos, available in eight robust flavors: Cognac, Rum, Whiskey, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Sweet, and Natural. No matter your tastes or the tastes of your guests - we’ve got a cigarillo perfectly tailored to your palate.

    Covadonga only uses the highest quality tobacco, a blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Colombian leaves. Our Nicaraguan tobacco is almost indistinguishable from a Cuban tobacco, as the growing conditions and climate are extremely similar. The dark, nutrient-rich soil combined with a climate indicative of Nicaragua’s close proximity to the Caribbean, gives our cigarillos their signature flavor.

    Covadonga Cigars isn’t just a cigar company, we’re a family-owned boutique. Named for my grandmother, Sra. Maria Covadonga Llano, quality isn’t just a company value - but a point of pride passed down from her beginnings in Asturias, Spain through her immigration to Cienfuegos, Cuba, and finally landed right here in Ybor City Tampa, Florida.

    Ybor City Tampa, Florida carries a strong heritage in the cigar industry from the early 1800s when Cuban, Spanish, and Sicilian immigrants found an appreciation for their signature craftsmanship. As such, Covadonga Cigars has joined a legacy of over 200 years of tobacco industry excellence.

    All of our cigarillos are 100% handmade by Cuban craftsmen with over 17 years of experience. Our mild-medium strength cigarillos are perfect for novice smokers, tobacco connoisseurs, and everyone who falls between. Our tins of cigarillos are the ultimate choice of smoke for personal use, as a point of entertainment at events, for gifts, or even as unique favors.

    Each of our cigars and cigarillos undergo the strictest of quality control tests and each product is rerolled if it does not meet our standards before packaging. We’ve crafted a beautiful product - and each smoke should be as beautiful an experience as the last. Have a look through our cigarillo collection - you won’t be disappointed.