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    Cigar Cases

    One of the most important things to inform cigar smokers about when it comes to cigar cases is that they are not for the mass storage of your cigar collection. That should be reserved for your humidor to avoid ruining the quality of the cigars over the period of time you have them for. Cigar cases are for storing the cigars you plan on more immediately using. This being said, now you face the difficult decision of choosing which type is for you.

    There are many options when it comes to cigar cases and regardless of what look you prefer, it’s important to keep them clean and sterile. Debris and other things – depending on where you’re storing the case – can build up over time and cause your case damage. To avoid this, be sure to regularly clean it.

    If you must use some sort of damp surface to clean the cigar case, then be absolutely sure you dry it off afterwards. If you don’t take care to keep the case not only sterile but dry as well, then you run the risk of accumulating mold or mildew even in the short amount of time that they will be stored there. Should mold accumulate on your cigar, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost, however it is a less than ideal situation and can destroy not only that single cigar, but the others near it as well. This is dangerous because should you end up returning a mold infested cigar to the humidor without noticing you could thus infect the entire collection if you aren’t careful.

    This being said, be sure that the cigar case you choose is one that you genuinely enjoy the look and feel of. This is something you’ll be carrying on your person and bringing out at various events for whatever reasons, you’re going to want it to be just as attractive as it is practical. Find something that balances necessity with need and do what you must to keep it in top working condition.

    For the most part, when it comes to cigar accessories and necessities, the most important thing to remember is to treat them with respect. As long as you’re keeping up with the maintenance of the objects then their worth won’t depreciate as quickly as it may be inclined to. The worth and life span of your goods is entirely at your will.