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    Cigar Ashtrays

    When choosing your cigar ashtray, it’s important to consider what you find most appealing to the eye. Of course you’ll want one that can support the substantial amount of ashes you’ll need to discard, but this is something that will be out in the open and on display, so it’s important to be sure you actually enjoy looking at it, as rudimentary as that may sound.

    This being said, proper maintenance of your ashtray is something to also take into consideration. After usage in one sitting it’s important that you discard the ashes and clean the tray out. After discarding depending on what the tray is made out of will dictate how you approach cleaning it. If it’s not made of wood you’re usually safe using a cotton ball dampened by rubbing alcohol to clean the tray. However, if it’s made of wood (as many trays are) then it is better to simply use a cotton ball dampened by water to clean it out. After cleaning be sure to dry to avoid staining or damaging the wood.

    With so many different kinds of ashtrays out there and ones at fairly affordable pricing, it’s not entirely unlikely that you will begin to accumulate a bit of a collection. For this, we suggest trying trays made of different mediums so that you can decide which one compliments your personality the best. Not only are they made of different things, but also are available in a variety of shapes as well. The agronomic triangles compliment well when made of wood for a more rugged aesthetic while the circular marble ones emit a clean polished look.

    A lot of what goes into choosing ashtrays has more to do with an individual’s personality than it does anything else. Not one type or shape is necessarily better than another. While the marble one’s may last a bit longer than the wooden ones, they are equally able to get the job done, it’s simply a matter of taste at this point. Investing in an ashtray that compliments your personality well is what we would have to suggest. If you don’t love it then there’s simply no point in buying it. This is something that will be on display often and used on a regular basis so investing in one that isn’t something you’ve fallen in love with is a moot point. Explore your options but stick with your gut choice when it comes to picking a style.